Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just Try It...I Dare You!

  'suppose you think you're going to spray me?

 What is it with you humans?

 In case you didn't know,
My Daddy was a Lab
My Mommy was  a Poodle!

 As soon as water hits me,
I turn into a dancing fool!

 Seriously, I am out of my mind....

 my head spins like what's her name in that know
Linda someone in the Exor..something!

 OK, I'll just hide here for a moment.
I'll pretend I'm a tree or something.

 Rainbows, again, always rainbows when I'm having fun!

Thanks Daddy Jim!
You know we had a cool time there didn't we.
Just watch yourself though,
I'll find a way to soak you 
very soon!