Monday, September 5, 2011

Collage a la plage!

As I said to one of my followers the other day,
we took a ton of pictures on the beach the other day
(like 500..haha),
so these ones were kinda cool
in this case...emphasizing shades of brown with black and my new yellow ball.

and these give you a great idea of the pristine, clear, blue skies
giving a great background
for this para-surfer's/kite surfer's sail.

My passion is digging and swimming
so you can see me trying to topple Jim into my hole.
The water expanse shows you where I was digging that hole,
that person standing is Jim.
I always take full advantage of this beach
because they are so many options
wild waves
calm river waters
holes to dig
sticks to mess with
above all
loads of shaking
on you know who!