Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Acadia University...My Dads' Alma Mater

This is the university where my Dads met in the summer of  '73.

The campus is covered in lawns, well-manicured green expanses which make the place feel rural and peaceful.

 This is my first romp on the lawns in front of University Hall and did I take advantage of it.

 Jim prepared to take quite a few photos under the mammoth elm trees that dot the campus.
(The University saved their
 elm trees from the dreaded Dutch Elm disease 
that wiped out hundreds, if not thousands of trees in the Annapolis Valley)

These are the front steps of U Hall which Ron used to coast down in the winter.
Oh BTW, Acadia University is in Ron's hometown of Wolfville,
so there is a lot of history to be shared at some point.

 This vantage point shows Jim and me.
You might notice the flag above us is flying half mast.
An unfortunate incident happened with a student last week
during Frosh Week and he lost his life.
The University is in mourning right now,
but I still wanted you to see the beauty
and peacefulness of this campus.

 On these steps many moons ago,
Ron was walking up these stairs to his graduation.
Now here are Jim and I walking down,
is there some kind of weird connection?
Could be.

 To the left of U Hall is the Manning Memorial Chapel
perched on the top of the slope.

 This Japanese Maple used to reach as far as the first set of windows.
It's amazing how tall it has become in 50 years!

I decided to collage the remaining pictures because I know this venture
down memory lane is only for my Dads.
I hope you get a feeling for this campus
from the style of architecture to tree lined walkways 
to green expanses and peacefulness.

 University towns are unique 
in that you have an influx of student population every September and 
an exodus every late April.
So much goes on if you are interested in partaking
from athletic games to symphonies 
to musical presentations and plays.
Families growing up in this environment are
exposed to a small sampling of 
what the world has to offer.
I trust my small world has opened your eyes
and you have learned something 
fresh and new.


  1. What a beautiful place.. with so much character. I lived in a neighboring town - FSU in Frostburg - most of my life and the university towns are just as you described. I'll bet it was fun going back. You looked like you were learning a lot, Soph!

  2. What a beautiful campus! We live in a college town that adds so much to our quality of life. Thanks for taking us on the tour Sophie.

  3. Soph., do me a favor and post some photos of your Dads from 1973 at School, okay?
    Thanks Doll!

  4. It's a beautiful, beautiful place, Sophie, and I can see why your Dads were so happy there. I'm so glad that the elms were saved. There are so few of them left, though I hear that there is now an elm tree being sold that is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.

  5. What a beautiful campus! Gorgeous buildings and spacious lawns! I bet you had lot's to sniff, Sophie!

  6. Awww... that was a FAB post! you met in 1973? That means you have been together for 28 years? How cool is that .... and it was totally lovely seeing where you met .. There is nothing like a bit of romance to cheer up a gloomy Wednesday ;-)

  7. Clarification...that's 38 years of sheer bliss!

  8. What a beautiful campus -everything looks so neat and well kept, I agree with Mark -would love to see some old photographs of you both from 1973- persuade them Sophie please ? x

  9. Such a lovely campus. My peeps thought Acadia U was in Acadia NP in Maine. Duh!

    We live near University of Delaware. We'll have to look for some good areas to take pix.


  10. What a wonderful story! I love seeing college campuses!

  11. That place is too nice to be a University!!?? How lovely to romp around there! I'm going to ask my mum to go to her University.....I haven't had a look around there ever!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  12. What a gorgeous campus! Love the beautiful green lawns and huge elms.

    That unfortunate student was from Alberta, although they're not releasing his name or home town's name.

  13. It looks very serene and stately. I even like the name.

  14. It sure is a beautiful campus
    Benny & Lily

  15. what beauty, and wonderful mammeries for your 2 dad's (are they related to my three sons?) lol

    it is so sad and such a waste when stupid teenagers think it's cool to do stupid things that get them hurt. poor guy, god bless him. stupid kids...

  16. Hi Sophie
    Gosh that is a beautiful campus!
    Your dads have made many memories together in all those years.... and I am sure storms have come and gone, just like the storms that touched those elm trees.
    Memory lanes are magical

  17. Thanks for sharing those photos! As we mentioned before, our neice from Boise, is going to school there. She's on the soccer team and she really loves it there :)

    Wyatt's Mom

  18. Wow! I can't believe that they named a whole university after my deceased Lab, Acadia!!! LOL!

    It looks like a beautiful campus. The grass is so green and the trees are elegant. What a wonderful place to grow up!

  19. What a pretty campus your dads studied in. It sure was nice of them to bring you there:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  20. how cool your Dad shared this with you Sophie...beautiful place...

  21. Hi Sophie girl - this is a beautiful campus - such a perfect place for you to romp and play.

    I can see why this would be a special place for your Dad's. How wonderful that you got to go there for a visit and allow them to take a little trip down memory lane~~


  22. Great photos Soph. They brought back a lot of memories for my Mum and Dad. They met in Dennis House, my Mum used to coast down the hill in front of U Hall too ... on cafeteria trays. BOL. Papa liked the picture of the new turf on the football field, that's where he spent most of his time.


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