Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UP the Hill again!

It's been awhile...I'd say 6 months maybe...
since we trekked up the hill at the end of the beach.
This is one hike I always enjoy,
because of the steepness and bogs.
Let me show you what I'm talking about....

So this is Jim and I forging up the hill and 
as you can see...I'm galloping down
to 'hurry up' Ron.

On top of the hill is a massive field which is the best place
to run around and explore.
Once again, 'hurry up' Ron!

At the end of the field the land immediately fall's off...
a steep cliff is below us 
where you'll find surfer's some days
taking the waves.

 ...on the return I noticed this shot
and asked Ron if he'd capture it...
he's so obliging.

Now for a moment's rest to take in the view.
As you can see the the beach is found along a thin piece of land.
Hurricanes wreak havoc, here, because of the fragility of the location.
The cluster of homes including a B and B have been there for years.
Huge rocks protect them from the enormous winds and waves 
that pound the shoreline.

 There are the bogs I was talking about!
I usually dive into them,
but not this time 'cause the guys are trying to protect
my ears from getting inflamed.
I guess I'll wait for the spring.

Yes that's where we were..
way up there!
Can't wait to come back!