Monday, December 6, 2010

Rain & Wind today!

Today we awoke to a massive rain and wind storm!
Had to drive into the city of Halifax for a dental appointment for one of my guys
which proved to be a white knuckle drive, all the way.
The wind was so strong and the rain just kept coming down in buckets
and this was at 7:30 am.
The power went out so we figured we'd just go into town 
and pray that it would be back on when we returned.
(not quite...5 hrs later...finally power)

These pictures were taken after we returned home
and had decided to see what was happening at the beach.
I didn't last long on the shore
because of the ferocity of the winds. 
The sea foam was flying through the air
covering Jim's glasses.
> <
Here is a picture of sea foam from last February
during a wild time at he beach.
I scurried back to the car and was so glad to get out of that wind storm.
My ears tend to block my view when Mother Nature acts up!