Friday, December 31, 2010

Nor'ester Havoc!

Nor'ester did this!
 Since we've had a rain storm or nor'ester every Monday this month,
I thought I'd show you what can happen when one hits....
^^This is the cranberry bog which is super flooded.
Normally, there is a minute pond to the left of that knoll.
^^These rocks have been uplifted by the massive waves 
that were pounding the grassy dunes that buffered the cranberry bog.
^^As we stroll along the rocks you will notice a sandy area
that did not exist a month ago.
^^This is the sandy area up close from a different vantage point!
It is now a new beach area.
^^Ron and I took advantage of this new finding and played some ball toss.
He's the best when it comes to spontaneous fun!
^^This is another view from the far side of the bog.
A clearer idea of the eroded dune height is evident
and that's where we played ball toss.

^^This is the dune area that has been washed out.
This photo was taken last February 2010.
^^Kali and I were just playing in the bog a good month ago
and now, the dune behind us is gone
with the ocean view visible.

So good ol' Mother Nature decided
 it was time for change on  our shores.
Now,we are waiting to see
what the rest of winter has in store for us.