Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EYE on the ball!

OK, who's got her eye on the ball?

Naturally...I do!
Thought I'd keep practicing 
while Daddy Ron repairs his back booboo!
I certainly don't want to forget 
how to do this..."EYE>>>>>>on>>>>>>BALL"..... maneuver!

I haven't lost it!


  1. Glad you are keeping yourself busy, Sophie! Tell Daddy Ron that I hope his back feels better soon!

  2. Loved those "baby" pictures ....Sophie!
    Take good care of Dad Ron...he'll be back on ball duty before you know it...!!

  3. You're a good ball retriever! Are you sure you don't have retriever in you?

  4. Catching up on blogs, after a busy week finding homes for horses. I'm sorry to see, Sophie, that Daddy Ron has hurt his back. But, I'm not surprised to find that you are taking good care of him. With your help, I bet he'll be back to prime condition in no time. Meanwhile, it's good that you are practicing with that ball.

  5. You are all sly like that.... If you look at it sideways, it won't see you coming. Then, pounce!

    Hey! where's your snow?

  6. Had to have my Sophie fix while the internet is up and running here.
    Oh I do hope daddy Ron gets better asap.
    Glad you haven't lost your 'eye' ball! :)

  7. You've got to watch those balls. Kendra'a are ALWAYS getting lost. They usually show up during house cleaning or gardening times. BUT they try to hide most of the time. Hope your dad's back is getting better and better!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. What concentration! But don't forget that daddy Ron needs lots of Sophie tlc.

  9. It looks like you are still very good at it
    Benny & Lily

  10. I've been missing in action for a while and just learned about your daddy Ron. I know he'll get better soon because you will take such good care of him. I don't think you'll ever forget about catching the ball, just like us people don't forget how to bicycle -- I think anyway.--Inger

  11. Zoe sends her love to Sophie...cute blog...and gorgeous photography!!!

  12. Hehehehe...I sis your 100th follower...where's my prize....hehehehe...I cracks myself up!
    Anyways, you is so good at retreiving! Believe dis ir not but I is a doxie and I retreive too!!!!! Shocking I know.

    Reading through your bloggie and I hopes you daddy Ron is on da mend with his back. Ain't nuttin worse than a hurt back (mum knows dis...her has degenerative disc disease). We'll be thinking bouts him.


  13. You are too cute miss Sophie!


  14. Sophie: You are so beautiful, and you haven't forgotten how to keep your eye on the ball! I hope that your Dad R is getting better... I know all about back pain - it's NO fun whatsoever. It's your job to keep him smiling!


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