Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Visit!

Boxing Day started off with a bang!
Jim's sista, Paula had facebooked me last night 
to say she and her hubby Graham were coming for a visit.
Turns out that Paula's daughter Jami and hubby Dustin 
were on there way from Antigonish, a 2 hour drive from here.
NOW...the special part about this announcement
 was that their dog Fenway, a Boston Terrier,
would be visiting as well. 
She's a load of fun and energy!
Fenway is as quick as fox for sure. He grabbed my new Orbee play toy and
proceeded to dive into my mouth. 
This new toy was obviously a hit.
Mama Jami looked on as we rough housed it for awhile.

Graham (left pic) and Paula(right pic)
were so patient with our antics.
You know, sometimes us puppies just can't control ourselves!
After everyone chatted and had munchies
Jim played 'The Dog Whisperer' with us.
The learning session was't too long
but I know it was good for Fenway!