Saturday, December 6, 2014


Fridays, come around so very quickly in my neck of the woods 
as Jim approaches 
doorstep as he drops me off for the day.

Mary and Stephanie
keep a diary of the day's goings on
which you can view and read 
at this link . <
(click the word link to open your eyes even wider)

Take a moment and you'll see how much fun I truly have.

  I got to visit all my friends
~ doggies, horses and humans ~
alike at the daycare on the hill.

At the end of my stay today,
Owen (left) and 2 look-a-likes 
greet Ron and Jim as they come to pick me up.

Isaac gives them a woof
says everything's OK
and that I'm allowed to go home.

 This amply full little birdhouse
 of warm feathers and such
seems to add to the feeling here ~

a feeling of serenity amongst the canines and ~ 

and horses,
Tony, Tallen and Topaz
always keeping their eyes open for me
because I can get mighty frisky with them.
They just ignore me though.

The sun is setting as I mosey to the car
and curl up in the backseat
realizing that I am so fortunate to be able 
to take this all in one more time.

Never take anything for granted, folks.