Tuesday, December 2, 2014

AS I SAID ~~~~

~ Thank you for your patience ~

Never take a day for granted,
especially when the weather is so warm 
so beautiful 
at the beginning of December 
in Nova Scotia

 I am totally amazed at the view below as usual
but with an added pleasure
not usually seen
this time of year ~

~ a lone parasurfer
at ease with the waters
salty breezes
with a slight fog mist
covering everything
in sight.

~ at one with nature ~

~ hand raised in triumph ~

~ heading off into the sunset ~

 ~ to return instantly on a 180,
churning caramel waves
in his trail ~

So glad to see you Jim.
There's loads to see.

Hey Jim?
Don't fall over the edge.

I know the view can really mesmerize you.