Friday, June 13, 2014


High on hill
surveying 360 degrees
I am perched
waiting for the return
of Daddy Jim.

Meanwhile I fetch Mr. O
pant a lot
and cool off in the grass.

I crush you, I crush your head!!
The Kids in the Hall

Ahhh, that feels so much better
I crushed Mr. O
cooled off at the same time.
I have a big thing for multi-tasking.

I think I need to ZEN-OUT for awhile.
Nice view, eh!?

with kayakers slipping by

a sailboat and lobster boat too

even a helicopter
and look we are above this feller
so you know what that means ~~

my perch is high up 
on top of this old fortress remnants

I never thought you'd ever return.

Please don't take so long next OK?
(Jim headed over to the northwest side of the park
to hunt for some goodies
while Ron and I mellowed on the east side)