Thursday, June 26, 2014


As I saunter through the grasses at daycare soaking up the view and the moment

my Guys are off on a day with  themselves in the city

ducking under an eavesdrop of this modern building to avoid being pelted by hail

no kidding these things sting when they hit your face

but they were determined to get indoors at the public market 
a stone's throw away

above the public market 
where the view is picture perfect
for the cruise ships that arrive daily
~ the hail was far off in the distance ~
thank goodness!

the discounts fly in your face
to keep the visitors 
in this neighbourhood
instead of having them bus off
to other popular scenic places

 this cool car has caught Jim's eye
keeping him on the trail for the day

these heritage buildings wreak with history 
and now are 2014 modernized

offset with more glass 
our flag 
getting ready for 

into MEC ~ 
they have been members since 1980
when they first lived in Vancouver
where MEC originated

sailing passed fancy restaurants
and pubs
the guys knew they had a good day
headed back to pick me up!

They are so entranced with windows 
no wonder,
The thing is, once in awhile, we need to experience our own interests
so I am all about sniffing and licking
the guys just love seeing the world from their own
unique perspective.