Thursday, June 5, 2014


My park world is most times very quiet and peaceful,
however this morning because we arrived earlier than usual
you could feel excitement in the air ~
new friends everywhere.

This is a Labradoodle 
(an Aussie Doodle for sure)
the soft fur coat is like goose down.
(hey there's that 'goose' word again)

I suppose you see that white/black perky looking doggie behind me,
well he is full of vim and vigour
Oh yeah you can take my word on this, for sure.

Sneaking up behind me is 1/2 of a duo of Bouviers!

The other 1/2 just loved sniffing the grass with me.

This "mile a minute" is a rescue doggy 
so fast that the camera could only catch a blurred image.

Here is the piece de resistance!!
A spotted Boxer
Do you think she's a cutie?
Well, I know I do.

Kisses sealed the deal.
So very much for the 'sweetness' to learn
and if the humans wanted I could oblige.

So my world of friends has increased many fold.
Do you think I am a lucky Doodle?
I most certainly do.

One thing though ~~ rumour has it that the non-doggy lovers 
of the world want to change the rules in my park.
I guess it all depends on what they want.
I am open to listening and compromising
because that's what makes the world go around much better.
There is always room for dog lovers to re-educate themselves on the established rules
as well as making the non-dog lovers visits peaceful and relaxed too.

So time will tell,
maybe it's all just rumour 
but there is always room to improve.

AND I know my DOODLE kisses would solve everyone's problems!
It already has daily!!


  1. It would be a shame if they close the park to doggies. You did find some cuties this morning, though!

    1. I can't believe they would close the entire park because there are so many dog walkers in Halifax that live on the peninsula. I few loud voices with $$$ usually get what they want ~~ so typical.

  2. Soph, this morning's walk WAS an eventful one for you! All those dogs coming out of the woodwork!! Get it? Ron will explain.

    1. Woodwork ~~ I guess Sophie HONEY we are supposed to understand ~~ oh I gets it HONEY out of the woods all those trees around us!

  3. Your new friends are all adorable
    Lily & Edward

  4. YOu are a lucky doodle, Sophie. Love seeing your new friends.

    1. I so glad you enjoyed my journey today!!

  5. Lots of new friends! I hope they don't close your park.
    Bouviers are my favorite, except for SophieDoodles, of course. What's that, Mickey? Oh, I mean little black rescue dogs are my favorite breed.

    1. Many many moons ago, My Dads said they were going to be Bouvier owners but an Afghan Hound (REGAN by name) appeared on the horizon and they were smitten.
      Seeing these Bouviers today brought back that quest.
      I truly think BLACK RESCUE DOGS are the cat's meow or doggie's woof, too !!


  6. Lovely to meet your new friends with you Sophie.
    Our local Council has imposed all sorts of rules and regulations,
    but responsible, obedient owners have naught to fear :-)

    1. Exactly Eileen ~~ do the right thing and no one can say anything different!

      Photos help, I might add!!


  7. Hey, SD! I never really understood what a big girl you are until I saw you next to the Bouviers. Those are big dogs! One lives across the street from Noreen's in Breckenridge. It would be tragic to close the park to dog lovers. If you have a petition somewhere, I'll sign it! Your last photo is the money shot ~ those gorgeous brown eyes! Terry actually came in the middle of shaving to look at it. You would have loved the sweet, sweet Ahhhh that he made! I don't even think he noticed the great set of legs to your right! LOL! Have a great day, MsSD! Hi to the Dads.

    1. So you noticed those legs, well this Doodle owner was/is fit, obviously!!

      I'm only hoping this rumour is just that because any changes would be so unnecessary from my DOODLE POV!!

      I do believe in education, so pamphlets and signage (good signage) is important and warnings ~~ in your face warnings really ~~ "You'll run into dogs in this park because this city loves dogs" ~~ that might work!


  8. You have my respect and admiration for being willing to adapt. It's not an easy line to walk. Too bad everyone isn't as respectful, gentle, and well-mannered as Sophie. And, OK, I did fall in love with the spotted boxer... but not as much as I love Sophie.

    1. YOU too, Mitch ~~ that BOXER oh my ~~ you see Daddy Ron had a boxer as a child so knows exactly what they are like.

      Now to hopefully let the rumour fade away.

      Keeping my ears open for sure though!!

  9. Sophie, You are an ambassador of goodwill - to humans and doggies alike!

    1. A girl must do what a DOODLE GIRL must do!!!


  10. Yes, I think you are a very lucky Doodle! I love those doggy kisses. Would you give me one, too? I bet you would :)

    1. Right on the ol' KISSER, Martha!


  11. Sophie it was so much fun meeting your friends-and compromise will surely work for everyone-hoping so

  12. Hi Y'all!

    You are the luckiest doodle I know.

    Hope those non-doggy lovers don't ruin your park for you. Sounds to me like stormy seas ahead...

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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