Thursday, June 5, 2014


My park world is most times very quiet and peaceful,
however this morning because we arrived earlier than usual
you could feel excitement in the air ~
new friends everywhere.

This is a Labradoodle 
(an Aussie Doodle for sure)
the soft fur coat is like goose down.
(hey there's that 'goose' word again)

I suppose you see that white/black perky looking doggie behind me,
well he is full of vim and vigour
Oh yeah you can take my word on this, for sure.

Sneaking up behind me is 1/2 of a duo of Bouviers!

The other 1/2 just loved sniffing the grass with me.

This "mile a minute" is a rescue doggy 
so fast that the camera could only catch a blurred image.

Here is the piece de resistance!!
A spotted Boxer
Do you think she's a cutie?
Well, I know I do.

Kisses sealed the deal.
So very much for the 'sweetness' to learn
and if the humans wanted I could oblige.

So my world of friends has increased many fold.
Do you think I am a lucky Doodle?
I most certainly do.

One thing though ~~ rumour has it that the non-doggy lovers 
of the world want to change the rules in my park.
I guess it all depends on what they want.
I am open to listening and compromising
because that's what makes the world go around much better.
There is always room for dog lovers to re-educate themselves on the established rules
as well as making the non-dog lovers visits peaceful and relaxed too.

So time will tell,
maybe it's all just rumour 
but there is always room to improve.

AND I know my DOODLE kisses would solve everyone's problems!
It already has daily!!