Wednesday, June 18, 2014


You know when an old friend returns from "off being in the world"
and you both re-connect like nothing has ever happened?
Well ~~~ !!

this is exactly what happened to Mocha and me yesterday.

Massive, Monstrous, Monumental Kisses and Licks
were non-stop on both sides.

Once the first greetings were dispensed with,
I decided I needed to stare at the humans as they devoured lunch.
Chances of a sweet morsel falling to the floor 
is always possible.

Mocha dove into my stash of squeakie toys
my family of sorts.
She squeezed the be'geesus out everyone of them.
Noise to some is like the sweet whispers of mermaids on the breezes to others.

Around and around we followed each other
getting quite dizzy at one point,
so ~~~

into the living room we found ourselves
tasting each other's tongues.
I heard someone say
"take it to another room you guys!"

Re-connections really make the heart sing!!
More to come!!