Thursday, September 20, 2012

Patience Payoff

This is what greeted me when we arrived on the island....

My cousin, Shelby was head over heels 
now that she had someone to fetch with....

Shelby had gone to Nova Scotia 
for a few days,
 so when I arrived on PEI
I had to practice 
Do you know what that's like?!

I practiced on this beach....

and this beach

near these windbreaks

and in the back seat of the car
as we passed this Belgian.

I even entertained Daddy Jim 
and Auntie Marilyn...
I guess they were amused.

As you can see Shelby and I really know
how to have a good time.
Give us a lawn and a ball
and doggy camaraderie
is reinforced.  

and you know what....?
I didn't forget how to play our summer game
even if a couple toys got mangled.

Thanks Shelby
You Prairie Girls
are the best!