Monday, September 24, 2012

Just a 90 Minute Ride!

I learned so much while vacationing
on PEI this year.
Sit, stay
you'll get Mr. Orangie!
(check under Daddy Jim's foot)

I learned that if I point my ears
like Spock
I can zero in on Daddy Jim...

Also, that sand dunes are beautiful
but  there wasn't  a chance of reaching them
because that blue water near the rocks 
was a channel with a hefty current.

I could run literally for miles(kms)
along the shoreline without needing to stop...ever!

That mounds of seaweed aren't a deterrent
at all
it just adds to the discovery 
of  stick people.

and that shadows can make really cool pictures
(is Daddy Ron holding me up by my hind legs?)

We decided to take the ferry home
from PEI to Nova Scotia.

The weather was picture perfect
blue skies with wisps of white clouds
however the water was rolling a bit 
and some people were making a big deal of it.
"Is it always this rough?"
was the most common question.
Does it look rough?
Not really.

The ladders were all  rolled up ready to be deployed if need be.
The 90 minute ride was over
faster than you spell 

Daddy Jimbo hunkered down
for a well-deserved photo session...

and didn't let the rocking and rolling 
bother him in the least.

All this...!
I just snoozed away
down on the car deck
without a care in the world.
Dreaming of Prince Edward Island....!