Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now this is a sunset!

Hurricane Leslie definitely churned her way
passed PEI the following day after our arrival.

Which made really no difference to me,
because Mr. Orangie can float and I can see him like a beacon.

The sun was setting rather quickly this evening,
I suspect it always does
but it just seemed so fast for what I'm used to.

See what I mean....Mr. Orangie is always visible it seems.

I took advantage of the descending light...
and made sure I was going to sleep well tonight.

PEI...seems to have an ethereal feeling
whether travelling the roads
or galloping through the warm waters along the shoreline.

This evening was very special as Jim and I sauntered along the sands....

the sun's rays were smothering the land
while I smelled the seaweed and Jim captured this view.

Sometimes you just have to watch
and let the words melt into the horizon.