Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Canal Swim

Our sojourn to the Valley
always leads us to the Gaspereau Canal....
Why... you ask?
Well, if you love 
then you'll understand.

Wending my way through fields of asters
to fetch you know who.

I love colour and contrast just as much as anyone else,
just read on and you'll see.

Now if I were to dive into that water 
this painting would be destroyed...

so I let Daddy Jim snap picture after picture

This is what he saw while I foraged in the grass,
the sun striking across the roadway ahead
and bathing the trees.

Now just look at these colours just as I enter the canal.
They look like oil or acrylic...I really like these!
(especially because my blond hi-lites are so well emphasized)

Hey my tail appears to be acting up,
almost acting like a paint brush...
now that gives me an idea.

Exiting the brown, blue and greys
into the field of goldens and greens

so I hope you enjoyed my visit with colours
and with autumn screeching around the corner
the intensity will increase...
mark my words!