Monday, May 30, 2016


This morning Ron & I walked the trail
because Daddy Jim has come down with a cold.
The first thing we encountered were these two guys
enjoying their bikes twisting and turning
almost like a dance.

I had just finished remembering 
my Doodle Dance 
in the garden 
while sniffing these white violets and 

white forget-me-nots

and yellow corydalis when

in front of me from out of the fog and mist
appeared this fox.

Off s/he scampered keeping an ever vigilant eye on me.
I'm 9 years old now,
I don't run like mad anymore
unless I want to re-injure my paw.

so I sniffed the dew drenched red clover
letting the fox high tail it out of here.

When I got back home ~

I looked down at my paw that gives me some issues somedays
and wondered if I could have caught up to the fox.
Me thinks I couldn't 
and that's OK with me
I have plenty of sniffing to do in the garden anyway!