Sunday, May 1, 2016


I heard Ron saying one day:
that leaving the Valley as many people have done over the years
to find fame and fortune or whatever makes them feel whole inside
 always triggers the need to return
He is able to easily because
he only lives an hour away.
This view means
"I am back home!"
I always hear him say.

Ron's GF, GM and mother, Tommy are laid to rest in Willowbank Cemetery.
We always drop in to feel the calmness, serenity and to pay our respects
to these people
(even if I never met them).
I know their lives intertwined with so many others laid to rest here.
Ron always seems so focused and at peace
when he wanders around the grave stone
and looking for other relatives
that he knew over the years.
Take all the time you need Ron.

My 1st visit to the canal this year was a welcomed sight
since I sprained my paw recently and we all know swimming is better for rehabilitation than anything else.

 Short swims fetching Mr. Orangie
is all I need to strengthen my paw ~
 from what I can see it is working.

Heading back to the car
energy reduced
at ease 
at peace
I saw ~~

dandelions covered in bees
new sprouts on shrubs along the water's edge
last year's rosehips ( I eat these you now)
and a wee nest that had survived our winter

Spring has swathed it's gentle warmth across our lives
and before you know it these trees will be all in leaf
and the colours will change again.

Come back again to see the cutest ever
wee little black lamb we visited down the road from here.........

See you soon!