Sunday, May 1, 2016


I heard Ron saying one day:
that leaving the Valley as many people have done over the years
to find fame and fortune or whatever makes them feel whole inside
 always triggers the need to return
He is able to easily because
he only lives an hour away.
This view means
"I am back home!"
I always hear him say.

Ron's GF, GM and mother, Tommy are laid to rest in Willowbank Cemetery.
We always drop in to feel the calmness, serenity and to pay our respects
to these people
(even if I never met them).
I know their lives intertwined with so many others laid to rest here.
Ron always seems so focused and at peace
when he wanders around the grave stone
and looking for other relatives
that he knew over the years.
Take all the time you need Ron.

My 1st visit to the canal this year was a welcomed sight
since I sprained my paw recently and we all know swimming is better for rehabilitation than anything else.

 Short swims fetching Mr. Orangie
is all I need to strengthen my paw ~
 from what I can see it is working.

Heading back to the car
energy reduced
at ease 
at peace
I saw ~~

dandelions covered in bees
new sprouts on shrubs along the water's edge
last year's rosehips ( I eat these you now)
and a wee nest that had survived our winter

Spring has swathed it's gentle warmth across our lives
and before you know it these trees will be all in leaf
and the colours will change again.

Come back again to see the cutest ever
wee little black lamb we visited down the road from here.........

See you soon!


  1. Wolfville is indeed a lovely place. Sorry to hear you sprained a paw, Sophie!

    1. It's been a whole year, Debra ~ time flies by much too quickly and most of all I am so glad you were able to visit Ron's hometown and soak up the ambiance!


  2. What a beautiful place to live. That last photo is particularly stunning. I worked as an airline pilot for many years, so I've seen a lot of the world, but certain places just resonate. Your valley is like that. We hope that paw is better soon

    Abby Lab's Mom

    1. Oh many thanks for your kind comments ~ eveeryone has one of these places tucked away I do hope!

      The paw is not as "limpy" as it was the other day. Restraint and careful attention to being slow really helps!!


  3. Gentle exercise, swimming fits that so well. And springtime at your place, beautiful. The Valley, I can see why return visits are so heartwarming.

    1. So many feelings whell up inside as we travel to The Valley and it happens every time.

      So many amazing memories ~ hey maybe these could be ideas fir new posts!

      Always thinking outside the box I is!!!

      Licks for you and my paw, Jean!


  4. SophieDoodle, I didn't knowyuo hurt yuor foot! I hope you get better soon and aren't you lucky swimming is so good for you. I love love love the pictures. What a gorgeous place you live in.

    1. I hurt my foot over a week ago because I am overly silly and love to hop too high and too far. Now I'm paying for it. Hopefully this week I'll be back to "normal" again ~ as normal a Doodle can be!

      Winks to you and Samson and Faith as always!

  5. Glad your paw is on the mend. I love the drive on the 101 and seeing that sign with Blomidon in the distance. Sigh. The valley is a magical place. How did Ron's mom get such an unusual name as "Tommy" or was that a more common woman's name back then?

    1. The Valley has so much to offer the person who wants/needs a non-city experience. Many places are offered on the Nova Scotia Trails FB page, that I believe you are a member. The curious introduction of vineyards has changed the landscape and mindset for the good, I believe. Apples are fine but can't withstand the onslaught of China etc. Speaking of which, I need to take some apple blossoms pic s this year. I always miss them.
      My Mom's name ~ Tommy (according to her tales): she was the youngest child of 9 ~ her parents Arthur & Jessie hadn't chosen a name immediately after the birth so Tommy (influenced by name of Thomas)was started (still don't know if it was in reference to someone else though) ~ the name stuck for a good month when Eleanore was chosen. I suspect someone like my brother just might know. Hoping he'll chime in!

  6. These beautiful photos and the narration make me feel like I went "back home," too. My return to my own former home doesn't elicit the same feelings. Hope Sophie's paw returns to normal very quickly. More swimming!

    1. Hey Mitch!
      Glad to hear you have returned to Spain so you can be "yourself" again. So important to find what you need after "family days"!! My scenario is not exactly as I would want it, but at least I am able to drive for an hour and return home later in the day. Our canal walk always satisfies our Valley needs even though there are many, many more interesting places to visit. I know of a few that I haven't reconnected with and perhaps will this year.
      Sophie's paw was an unexpected diversion from a couple weeks ago. She then re-injured it at day care because she never knows when to quit her exuberance. She found that out pretty quick. We are walking more slowly now while the pain subsides and she can enjoy every corner she needs to sniff!

  7. I hope your paw is recovering nicely and you are getting more strength in it, I like visiting my pop who passed away in 2010 don't get there as often as I would like

    1. The paw is slowly getting better and taking a visit every now and again to revisit the past usually rekindles the reason for being.

      All the best Jo-Anne and enjoy your memories too!

  8. Here I am to visit you Sophie, and I hope your paw heals real soon

    1. Slow but sure and loads of patience ~ imagine that for a Hoppy Doodle!



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