Wednesday, May 4, 2016


we headed off down one of the other Gaspereau valley roads and ~~~

ended up here on a huge farm called 

As you can see below there are many sheep ready to be sheered 


 these 2 cute black lambs
huddling together 
as we poked our noses around the corner
of the entrance.
I think they are used to nosy photographers and Doodles!

The piece de resistance was the humongous wool shop
across the yard from the sheep.
Jim marched right in and headed over to the displays
to check out the offerings and to take pictures.
Surprise surprise!

Just look at the colours and offerings of merino wools.

more to touch and hold 
and to decide whether to go with heather colours
or pales or ~~~~

however by this time Jim's eye spied this
unbelievable Icelandic Sheepskin pelt
for a mere $300!!

mighty soft isn't it Jim!!

As we ventured from the farm and onto the road
this horse was giving us the eye,
but late afternoon was reminding us 
it was time to head back home ~ ~

so with that all under my belt 
to walking the Gaspereau Canal
to swimming in the canal
to driving down the country roads
to discovering sheep and lambs
to touching so much wool
I can honestly say that my world is complete
with love and peace.

As always my friends,