Monday, March 28, 2016


Welcome my dearies!
I lay high above the waters
staring down at the sights below ~~

just across from me is Conrad's Beach
with a few lucky people taking a walk ~~

over the edge of the slope 
you'll see a surfer finished for the day

climbing methodically and deliberately up the slope

but alas while they partake in their rituals
I partake in my DOODLE RITUALS
as I "shake above the ocean"
with my feet in the air!

(creative licence is in full DOODLE swing here ~ enjoy!)


  1. Replies
    1. Did the music make your toes tap, Debra!?!

      Mine always start and there's no way I can stop!

      Which is a good thing, indeed!

  2. Sophie you have such a wonderful life in a gorgeous place-hugs

    1. Hi Ms. Kathy!

      I make the best with what me gots!!!

      LOL and WINKS!!

  3. Replies
    1. This expanse is always so life re-affirming for us!

  4. Never seen anyone hoofing it up the hill with their surfboard before.

    You and Sooki could have rolling contests !

  5. Hi SD and Ron! I love your King of the Hill posts! Here we see people carrying their surfboards tied on to one side of their bicycles or on their heads. And I mean everywhere! Yesterday I was thinking of all three of you as I photographed parasailers over the ocean against the sunset. I'll post them when I get home, or sooner if I get the chance. Take care!

    1. Looking forward to your Hawaiian Surf pics Louise! I have a feeling the surfers will be climbing this hill again today because a massive wind storm went through yesterday whipping up the surf. Sophie is adamant about seeing the place and I obey!

      Your trip must be nearing it's end. I wondered if living there was an option?

      Cheers and MAI TAIS forever!!!!

    2. Hey, Ron! Yes, our trip is nearing its end. We leave on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday. :( Living here is not an option. It is very expensive and too isolated. I love the weather, but I need the four seasons. We have a room booked for 40 days next year, 4 more than this year. I don't know how much longer this hotel will last in a prime spot on Waikiki (The owner just turned 93.), but we'll keep coming here as long as possible. I love the Royal Grove! I plan to do a post on how to do Honolulu more cheaply, but that's after I get home. Mai tais, forever indeed! Hugs to you all!

  6. Such peppy music, just like you, Sophie.


  7. every time i see that dog with the orange ball in her mouth i just laugh out loud. thanks for that!!!

    1. Just imagine how much LAUGHTER we are going through here ~ 'cause we see her all the time!!

  8. Such wonderful photos but where were the sharks, oh this wasn't about sharks above the oven but shake above the ocean but shake what I have to ask


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