Saturday, February 13, 2016


This view is why I enjoy spending a day at daycare.
Wouldn't you love to meander along this pasture 
heading down the hill to the beach below?!
If not, then just stand at the fence
inhale the fresh air and beauty
imagine far off lands, beaches, mountains, oceans.
It's an instant feeling that I always get
when I visit for an afternoon ~

Plus I get a chance to run forever 
with all my new friends, Chloe 
the adults
Mary and Stephanie.

At the end of the visit 
Chloe says "arrivederci"as the guys return.
All of the sudden I hear about someone new in my extended family ~

"well my, my, my,"
 lookie here!
It's Brynn with her new addition
I will surely meet him at the park soon.
(Word has it that he is the spitting image of my predecessor JESSIE
only he's a he!)