Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's Nova Scotia Heritage Day 
so since everyone was off work 
we decided to meet
Mary & Micheal with Maggie
Brynn & Colin with Ace & Tucker
at Point Pleasant Park.

As you can see the weather was perfect
blue skies, bright sunlight
with easy, well-trodden paths
to work our way around the park.

Mary at this point had young Tucker on leash
because he eats every stone in sight and
is still very young ~ learning the ropes.
Maggie however loves the aerial snow toss leap sessions!

The excitement for Tucker escalates him into a #2
while Colin leaps over the bench in the background with Ace.

I, on the other hand, try to encourage Ace to steal my Mr. Orangie in my mouth
which wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be.
He's young too and dealing with an old dame like me
well, let's say I put him in his place ~ a learning moment ~ from time to time!

Heading up along the NorthWest Arm 
always is a signal for me
~~ fresh spring water is always available in the ditch ~~
a quick slurp
we proceeded along.

Mary & Jim obviously enjoyed this unexpected get-together
as they always do!

Colin & Brynn 

Michael & Mary

Mary & Brynn

Looks like someone by the name of Tucker is plum tuckered out.
This was a long walk for a wee one and ~~~

not to mention your's truly and the adults too.
Next time, Folks!!