Monday, February 29, 2016


I decided to round up this month 
with a sampling of all my experiences.
~ this 29th day of February ~
I hadn't had a haircut in months so by the 23rd it was time
so the before picture was shot 
on the grassy dunes by Daddy Jim!

 The Valentine's bouquet was flourishing very well
courtesy a friend of Jim's.

Flowers like this erica, white heath were ready to bloom.
We have been experiencing a very mild February this year
compared to last year's snowmageddon!

On one super cold night 
Daddy Jim made an apple/berry crisp.
They said it was delightful!

I actually was able to run full out on the beach !
I felt like it was summer time
with a quick dip in the water 
grabbing Mr. Orangie
from a fate worse than death.

The winds would catch the spray drawing us down the beach.

Just a wee bit of snow to manoeuvre,
no chance of slipping this year!

Since there are many cousin dogs 
we decided to get together at Point Pleasant Park
which by the looks on all these faces 
was an all round hit.

Daddy Jim had his eye on many things this month like  ~~

this red flowered pitcher and glasses set 

 which had already been added to 
this tomato painted frosted glass set
already acquired a few years ago.

 Any snow that dared to show it's face
was annihilated by yours truly ~ 
besides it tastes good!

As I mentioned before the Valentines bouquet held up really well.

You can see me in the middle 
around Jim and his school mate Ilze (red dress)
at a pop up art show.
Slowness is not in my vocabulary
when blond ladies pay attention to me.

I needed an occasional zen walk

This rusted train trestle
caught Daddy Ron's eye
as he picked me up from my haircut.

and we have done a full 360 
finally showing you my haircut
this sweet baby Corgi, named Farley
who played nose's with me
just yesterday.
See you again in 4 years!
Doodle over and out here!!