Monday, May 18, 2015


With spring fully entrenched
 the ice-packed winter roads gone
"fully disappearing in the rear view mirror.....thank you so very much",
we decided to go swimming at the lake.

I love water! 
 When you are a DOODLE
both sides of your lineage are water-logged
so  I've been known to flop into a puddle or a swamp.
Yes, the guys do keep an eye on me.
Lighten up, Guys!

I was out sniffing some flowers this morning in the garden
and there they were 
"the water droplets on the cowslips"
I have a keen eye when there is any form of water nearby.

 "Tidal Meanderings" 
perfectly describes the beach this evening 
as we captured the last rays of light 
along this stretch of land.
Any time you want to take a special moment
and be delighted in a world
of creativity, 
beautiful photography 
the sheer joy of life
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and I promise 
you will only be amazed
at the beauty that she has to offer this world.
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The soft spring rains smothered 'the sanguinaria ~ blood root' in droplets as well.
(Normally the bloodroot is white 
but creative licence played upon my soul
so it is now pink.)

Neapolitan ice cream cone
that's what it looks like to me.

The sanquinaria petals spread their wings
as the sun broke through the layers of clouds
evaporating the last of the rain droplets.

I'll be dreaming tonight, no doubt water will be featured.
So looking forward to tomorrow
so I can practice my dog paddle and fetch Mr. Orangie.