Saturday, May 23, 2015


The spring warmth has spread across our backyard.
So when I heard our neighbour's doggy yipping it up,
I just had to slip under the rhododendrons
and check out the fuss.

Nothing came of that so I helped Daddy Jim lay another row of pavers
circling near the corkscrew witch hazel.
He loves to spend his time doing this kind of thing
I supervise.

We have been having soft spring rains
throughout this week
which has forced the magnolias 
to show us what they are made of.
Almost like silver I'd say!

Many speckled violas were saturated in fine droplets
of rain and Daddy Ron was in his element.
I supervised.

The yarn placed in the Japanese Maple was covered in raindrops as well.
These strands are for the birds if they want them.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

On my deck the yews are growing leaps and bounds
so the new hedge clippers
(a find at a yard sale.....YAY!)
are snip snip snipping away.
I supervise!

That's tiring work I must say.
Time for a snooze, a slight zephyr of wind zipping across, wind chimes
a morning's work well-done.
I supervised.