Thursday, February 9, 2017


As soon as I get out of the car
I begin to run and run
find a stick
(because Mr. Orangie is hibernating right now)
then the snow squalls begin ~

blustering ice flakes and crystals

softening the landscape
for as far as the eye can see

runners and walkers 
pay no attention

the winds are relentless along the rocky beach area

even the old fortress can not escape 
Mother Nature's eroding onslaught

no picnics today at the park
some Doodles enjoy and some not-so-much
these February snow squalls.
I for one am in total favour of them.
They perk you up instantly
let you know that you are alive.

Then as quickly as they came
they are gone in a flash.
Namaste, my friends!


  1. Your snowy scenes are just magical!

    1. It felt magical as I walked along the shoreline.

  2. When I see snow I rub my face in it. Do you?
    Lily (& Edward)

    1. Rub Rub Rub
      3 Doodles in a Tub
      Munch Munch Munch
      Swallowing Snowflakes by the Bunch!

      My fave activity in the Winter Time!!

  3. Wow! lovely snow and great photos :)

    1. Hi Ann, been a while so glad to hear from you.

      Our winter has descended upon us and whiteness covers all.


  4. Brrr but it looks so wonderful. Lovely photos!

  5. Oh those squalls let you know you are alive all right, SD! I can't think of anything more invigorating. I hope you and the guys survived the big dump in the last couple of days. I heard Halifax was slammed with a meter of snow in 24 hours! Stay safe.

    1. Yes the snow storm wasn't one of Sophie's Happy moments.
      She was very aware of the ferocity ~ wind and snow.
      Not able to settle down much.
      This is the 1st storm that she reacted this way.
      I do believe her age is part of the reason.

      We have managed to find a very reliable plowman this year ~ lickity split we were able to leave the driveway.
      Thanking him muchly!

      On the downside heading to March now!
      Cheers and watch out behind you, someone just might have a snowball!

    2. Glad to hear you're all right, Ron! Poor SD! I think we all feel storms more as we get older. I'm relieved to hear that you have a reliable plowman. I figured that you and Jim would not go out and try to shovel all that snow, but I still worried. I haven't had to shovel snow in a while now. Mostly because we've become snowbirds, but also because our place always gets plowed and shoveled within 24 hours of a storm. HEB rotates everyone through the top of the list for snow removal which means that sometimes you're last! March is closer to the end of July which means I'm getting closer to seeing you all again! Take care, my friend! Sending you all hugs!

    3. Just got through our 2nd snow dump and it looks manageable, but ~~~~

      I worry to about shoveling yet I feel so invigorated and worthwhile after a short go at it.
      The snow is very soft and light(weight).
      We have 2 shovels now so attempt the clean up together.
      Quelle team we are! LOL

      Anyway, we will check the heaviness of the snow and make a final assessment of the need for removal.

      So you are a true "SNOWBIRD" ~ they seem to be everywhere.

      Cheers and hi to T!!!!!!!!

  6. I like them too. I love having that edge to life that makes it clear that I'm alive. Your dad is an amazing photographer. And he captured your eyes beautifully in that header photo. Your eyes are amazing, Sophie!

    1. I thank you!
      My Daddy thanks you!
      My Eyes thank you!
      You are such a sweetheart KB
      your offerings on your blog are so inspiring.
      DaDDY rON (opps) talks about you a lot
      that your photographic skills have inspired his continued desire to click that shutter.
      I have other peeps say I have beautiful eyes too
      Daddy Jim and Ron are always staring at me.

  7. Beautiful shots! Now I know where all our snow has got to... ;-)

    1. Exactly, Fiona!

      We thought you needed a break from all that WINTER WHITE.

      Kindness prevails!
      WINKS !

  8. good morning, since we have yet to have any snow or winter here in the ozarks of Missouri I needed to come and view yours-pictures are a Wow

    1. Our winter is a non-event really this year. I always compare it to 2014-15 winter which was left us with so much ice and a winter snow dump every Wednesday. How kind of Mother Nature/Old Man Winter or whatever one wants to call it. This year I smile and keep fingers crossed because March is close and one never knows.
      So glad to hear from you down in Missouri Land.
      Cheers as always!

    2. I remember how rough that winter was for your area and in the states too-good to have a bread from all that for sure

  9. I'm with you, Sophie! I skied today in a squall. Bad visibility and when on skis, I'm a little prone to vertigo. I doubt that bothers you. Ron, these photos are amazing. I can see the wind blowing! Keep warm.


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