Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Now that I have caught your attention ~
Look who we found on the rocks last week in need of some massive hugs
and licks from yours truly!

It's our dear, dear friend Louise from
This Coloradan/Nova Scotian dog lover is game for pretty much anything,
so we spent 2 days showing her a few of our favourite places.
(Psst: this is a bayberry hedge along one of the cliffs)

 Everywhere we went the humans kept hugging.
Here's Ron and Louise 
after fishcakes and beans, salad, gingerbread, coffee
and laughing at a french cafe nearby.

Re-discovering the paragliders near MacDonald House on the hill
turned out to be exceptional because the wind was super warm
and there were so many sails flitting about the skies.

 Once again warm hugs coming from Jim this time
after the french cafe meal.

Another unbelievably scrumptious meal was had at 
a restaurant near Peggy's Cove ~

see what I mean
fishcakes again
portobello burger
deep fried fish and chips
(hungry yet?)

so after desserts
to keep up the hugging tradition
Louise and Jim
act up 
while returning to the car
Humans please!

A trek out onto the barrens was necessary.
You know what?
I can't remember if this was before or after that 
mouth watering meal.
But as you can see we all needed some fresh air 
laughter again!

We found this beautiful lake to throw Mr. Orangie.
Louise has the honours of course.

Another black Lab joined in because this was too much fun to pass up.

Across the road on Queensland Beach
Louise and Ron saw this cool Doodle
with the dyed blue hair.
Whattaya think?
Should I?

Do you think we all had a supreme time
laughing and hugging?

Seriously, there so much to be said about 50 year friendships
which began many years ago
with a huge space in between of living our own lives,
social media intervenes
et voila 
back together again.
Ain't it all good!

I do believe I did a good thing today Charlie Brown
am so happy for those three humans.
Life is good
so Good!


  1. Your affection for each other just jumps out of those photos! Glad you had such a wonderful visit with Louise!

    1. This is just a smattering of the photos and JOY we had while hugging Louise!

      Seriously, Debra ~ a chance encounter with this live-wire, smiling and life lover really has been so refreshing and rejuvenating!

      Cheers from the east coast!

  2. I wonder if you have any idea how incredibly beautiful your area is. I live in the middle of a big city as that is where my husband's dream job was, at 33, due to a genetic disease, he being blind in one eye with limited vision in the other, we need to be able to get him to work quickly with no commute if his vision gets worse. But your pictures bring me much joy and though he might have to get 3 inches from the screen he loves them too.

    1. So happy that your husband can see the pictures. I knew there was a reason why I made them so large.

      Keep enjoying and I will deliver!


  3. Sending you a BIG HUG, my awesome friend! Spending time with you and Jim is always a highpoint in my year! Can't wait to hugs you again for real! What a lovely post! Give Sophie a big belly rub for me!!!

    1. "Feelings are mutual I'm sure!"

      Do you remember saying that as a child? It rings out loud every now and again for me.

      Your visit is also a highlight and maybe Digby and Harbourview will be put on the top of the list for next year.

      Thanks for sharing your time as always. Do keep plugging away at your writing because you have a gift that needs to be shared world wide. I will definitely keep my Sophie Doodle book (or whatever) in the forefront of my mind too.

      Yes, autumn weather in the morning has arrived and sleeping is so much better. Off to the hill with SD and Jim for work!

      Cheers and Hi to Terry!

      Ron, you friend from 50 years ago has returned!

    2. Absolutely put Digby and Harbour View at the top of your list! We'd find a room for you guys somewhere!

  4. Sweet! Good friends are good to hold on too
    Lily & Edward

  5. That was a wonderful time with friends. As for the hairdo, don't do it Sophie, we love you just the way you are :)

    1. Trends come and go but natural blonds are here to stay!!!!!!!

  6. Sophie, I think you did a grand job keeping everyone entertained - and fed - no wonder they are all laughing....and yes, now I feel hungry :)

  7. Bloody great photos, and of course Sophie could keep people entertained

    1. Oh many thanks ~ Sophie is a doll that is for sure!!


  8. I was at MacDonald Hill last week when there were 15 kite surfers out there. Oh that is one of my favourite places. Photos are lovely as always. I really like the shot of Jim and Louise running toward the camera. Such joy !

    1. Oh yes Louise is a bundle of JOY and more!

      All the best!

  9. Just checking in on you Soph! Good times! Love your pictures and reading about the hug fest. And oh that food looks yummy.

    1. Hi Ho B & G!!!

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Hope all's super well in your world!!!

      All the best!
      Time to eat!

  10. Looks like a grand old time! And yes...now I'm very hungry. And I can smell that lush bayberry bush! Aloha!

    1. Bayberry bushes wafting all around you and sumptuous foods to nibble and devour along with the best condiment LAUGHTER!!!


  11. Cat got your tongue, SD??? Much as I love being splashed all over your post, I wondering if you are okay, Girlfriend! I'm missing seeing a new post, and I'm sure others are wondering what you are up to! Just saying, Missy!

    1. Just slugging through the humidity here LouLouDoodle.

      Oh I felt that kind kick in the arse ~ ever so gentle!!


    2. LOL! Humidity is a bitch for sure ~ It sucks the energy right out of me! Glad to hear that's all it is ~ You have my complete sympathy. We're having coffee at Denver International Airport, waiting for our flight to Seattle and on to Victoria! Sending you two hugs and a belly rub to Missy!


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