Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey folks!
I'll make this short and sweet
I mean SHORT!!
I'm heading out to get my hairs cut
~ sheered off ~
~ diminished ~
~ reduced ~
"off with their heads"
by a brand new hair-do stylist to the Doodle Stars!
His name is Jeff.

This lady knows exactly 
the guys need my hairs shortened.
Sheeh, what's with humans anyway!?!

Friday, April 10, 2015

EVERYWHERE THERE IS SPEED •.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*

For the last 2 months our world has been smothered in snow
all forms of the white stuff ~~

but this passed week the skies and waters came alive
with wings all kinds of them ~~

Look what's above and ahead of us !!!

Yes these beauties were flipping through the air above our heads.
I have never seen such speed and agility.
I thought the the sailboards like the 1st two pictures were fast
but they have nothing on these light weight remote control planes.

I really get off on visiting this hill
because there is always something to see and to do here.
Ron told me about the iceboater he saw the other day
(but couldn't stop along the side of the road to take pictures
because the snowbanks were too high) ~~

^ But this will give you an idea of the thrill of this sport ^
See what I mean!

Monday, April 6, 2015


As usual, I've got my nose into something ~

~ as we venture up this trail that we discovered a few years ago.
 Ron and I decided to try it while Jim was at work for the afternoon.

Before we started climbing the slope 
we stopped and soaked up this view
~ pond and ducks ~
so tranquil.

Just to the right the waters began to drop off 
turning into a torrent 
sweeping any unsuspecting branches and ice away.

 All around 
the lakes are covered in pale teal blue 
caused by the many changes in snow and ice layering.
The sunlight causes the various shades
and also appears differently
when it's foggy.

With all of that going on down below me 
I really wanted to climb this slope
because I love to climb.

Birch groves were every where

 We even heard and saw this stream hiding off to the side
which I do believe worked it's way down to that pond I showed you.

No greenery as of this Easter weekend
(even though Ron wants you to know that his snowdrops are pushing through
only a handful but that gives us hope)

 I hear sounds that make me want to investigate
believe you me

But I listen this time
(what gives it away!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

APRIL •*¨*•♫♪

April has arrived!
This has always been a month for renewal and rejuvenation.
So today we decided that everything just felt right
for a walk in the park. 
Just look at Jim's face and my determined canter up the hill.
I just never understood why one would need Nordic walking poles!
Perhaps, it's because I have 4 legs!

This is the 1st time since 2013 that Daddy Ron
has had the opportunity soak up this view.
We found this picnic table along the edge of the pathway
and just stopped and stared for awhile.

The entrance to the Halifax Harbour looks so calm and serene today.
This vantage point really gives you an idea of the height of this hill
with many skeleton trees left over from Hurricane Juan in 2003.
The vegetation is returning slowly covering the land below.
One good thing though is that the view has opened up
a remarkable vista for quite a few years now.

Discovering a new path always turns into a photo op of clicking.
I am hiding behind shrubs
Jim is checking the depth of the snow
The container pier is bustling down below
Ron is taking pictures.

This shows you what happens when the guys aren't paying attention to me!
I smelled ocean water from high on the hill
before we all knew it

and into the water!
Sheeh what's a girl to do!?!
I haven't swum since last November
it's high time tide (pun) that I took full advantage of it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yes, you guessed it right my loyal followers
♫♫♪•*¨*IT SNOWED AGAIN!! *¨*•♫♫♪
white fluffy powder snow
just enough to get me 

enough to send me into orbit around the cherry tree
and prepare me for an unexpected trip to my favourite hill
~ MacDonald Hill ~

Jim is trying to knock the snow off the mugo pine
so that it will land on me!
I am too smart for his shenanigans.

Jim headed inside MacDonald House,
it's Sunday ~ his day of work.
Ron and I will just take in this view
and watch the surfers.

This surfer's legs are covered in snow,
as I mentioned it snowed again last night.

 ~ Deep deep snow down the trail to the bluff ~
(Did I ever tell you I came upon a film crew here
a couple years ago,
 so being a friendly sort
I walked right in the middle of things and 
introduced myself.)

Looky here the snow is beginning to melt
which truly is a good thing 
because 2 months of storms 9+ 
just about frays the nerves.
I heard the humans say.

Really this winter has been a long one but
for me an 8 year old DOODLE in love with LIFE
I can handle 2 months of snow,
since I have my chauffeurs ready 
whenever I need them.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


People have been asking 
"How's Sophie doing?"
"What happened anyway?"
"Is she going to be OK?"
Well here we are high on MacDonald Hill taking Sophie for a run
after seeing our new VET Ms. Shannon!

It seems that a deep fold on Sophie's lower left lip
has become infected causing much consternation and DOODLEFICATION!
For the next 2 weeks, daily cleansing in the morning with a magic solution and cream
plus magic cream in the evening will take care of this 'not uncommon' situation.

It seems to be very effective 
because Sophie's discomfort has diminished 
and her immediate reaction which is 
no reaction, 
no scraping her lip, 
no whining, 
with much anticipated restful sleeps now. 

Sophie is so over-joyed 
so happy
so beyond herself
that she can not control her exuberance on the hill.
See ~~~

 ~~ she is so sorry she knocked Daddy Jim out of his crouching stance onto his keester ~~

She is just so 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


All I was doing was minding my own business
snoozing on the floor in the warm spring sun,
when Daddy Jim called the vet.
Well, it seems that my left lower lip has a fold.
I blame it on my chocolate lab DNA,
so we are off to have our new vet take a gander at it.
She's a sweet heart!
The lip hasn't gotten any better
so the guys think it's time for another decision.
So to make things easier on them and me
I decided we should go for a stroll / walk / zen moment
on the hill. You'll see below ~~~

I feel so much better now,
so we are off to VET-LAND!!
Later Gators!!