Saturday, May 23, 2015


The spring warmth has spread across our backyard.
So when I heard our neighbour's doggy yipping it up,
I just had to slip under the rhododendrons
and check out the fuss.

Nothing came of that so I helped Daddy Jim lay another row of pavers
circling near the corkscrew witch hazel.
He loves to spend his time doing this kind of thing
I supervise.

We have been having soft spring rains
throughout this week
which has forced the magnolias 
to show us what they are made of.
Almost like silver I'd say!

Many speckled violas were saturated in fine droplets
of rain and Daddy Ron was in his element.
I supervised.

The yarn placed in the Japanese Maple was covered in raindrops as well.
These strands are for the birds if they want them.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

On my deck the yews are growing leaps and bounds
so the new hedge clippers
(a find at a yard sale.....YAY!)
are snip snip snipping away.
I supervise!

That's tiring work I must say.
Time for a snooze, a slight zephyr of wind zipping across, wind chimes
a morning's work well-done.
I supervised.

Monday, May 18, 2015


With spring fully entrenched
 the ice-packed winter roads gone
"fully disappearing in the rear view mirror.....thank you so very much",
we decided to go swimming at the lake.

I love water! 
 When you are a DOODLE
both sides of your lineage are water-logged
so  I've been known to flop into a puddle or a swamp.
Yes, the guys do keep an eye on me.
Lighten up, Guys!

I was out sniffing some flowers this morning in the garden
and there they were 
"the water droplets on the cowslips"
I have a keen eye when there is any form of water nearby.

 "Tidal Meanderings" 
perfectly describes the beach this evening 
as we captured the last rays of light 
along this stretch of land.
Any time you want to take a special moment
and be delighted in a world
of creativity, 
beautiful photography 
the sheer joy of life
then skip over to Vicki's blog
2 Bags Full < click here
and I promise 
you will only be amazed
at the beauty that she has to offer this world.
Now go on, click that link and visit her!

The soft spring rains smothered 'the sanguinaria ~ blood root' in droplets as well.
(Normally the bloodroot is white 
but creative licence played upon my soul
so it is now pink.)

Neapolitan ice cream cone
that's what it looks like to me.

The sanquinaria petals spread their wings
as the sun broke through the layers of clouds
evaporating the last of the rain droplets.

I'll be dreaming tonight, no doubt water will be featured.
So looking forward to tomorrow
so I can practice my dog paddle and fetch Mr. Orangie.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Oh Oh!!
Something tells me 
out of here.

I smell SMOKE!
It's in the air
I really don't like what's going through my mind
right now 
as I gallop up MacDonald Hill slope.

Across the street from where Daddy Jim works is this view,
My house is about 5 kms (3+ miles)
from the smoke as the crow flies
in June 2008 
we had a major forest fire 
located in that exact place.
(You can see the remains of burned trees, grey and pale!)
Evacuation was for many
 (not us because we were the lucky ones
living on the borderline of non-evacuees).
Stressful hours and days
made the event one to not ignore.
Dry tinder from hurricanes
has accumulated over the passed few years

Just the day before I was here at Birch Cove inside Dartmouth City proper.
Don't you love these trees!?!
I sure do.
I really don't want to lose any more trees nor peoples properties
so we sit at home waiting to hear good news!

The winds were so very strong which kept the flames 
blowing away from our property.
Within a couple hours the winds did die down
the next few days 
the fire departments held in tight
checking constantly 
the soils and any possible flare ups.
Thankfully, we are all safe now!

Monday, May 11, 2015


going out over the land and sea, 
through the air
Appreciation to all those who have followed little ol' me
for the passed 5 years 
as I sniff here and sniff there
in my little world.

Jim and I
love to air out our tongues 
anytime and anywhere

I am rolling over in so much excitement
that I can't control myself.

This tells it all, doncha think!
Our lives have been more enriched 
more fulfilled 
with your presence and joy!

Peace and serenity
for you all
our backyard is your backyard
as long as 
you can find your way around!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hi, do you think it's windy enough for me
high on the hill today?

I'll just scoot down here where the wind drops off a bit ~

and zip back up because I can't allow the humans 
to get too far away, you know.

OK follow me ~ 
look there's a surfing human 
catching a pretty good wave.

I'll just see if I can figure out 
what has been left 
on the grass for me
waits patiently below.

I really like being high on the hill
no matter where I stand 
I do have a lot of vantage points ~~ 

which I have pointed out over my time here in blogland.
I always like to see colour
as is the case of this surfer with a red board 
heading back to the truck
which has a blue board on top.
The grey waters and sky always
assist in making  the colours come alive,
just like me!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Can you feel it?

Oh yes, the refreshing touch of cool fog
slowly gliding in from over the ocean.

 It softens the landscape giving the view a muted cover ~

sifting across the beach rock 
up and over

to the other side 
where we walk and park our car

the lake on the other side of the parking lot
is smothered in sunset clouds
protected from the ocean's fickle nature

up on the hill 
I manage to sniff out a choice spot
just as the sunset 
descends for the evening

Cool fog and Sunsets
this is what makes my day
hopefully yours!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Yes, haircuts make me lively, perky and DOODLICIOUS!
Just ask the guys!
I was so full of vim & vigour
so we jumped intro the car and went to the boardwalk.

 7 A.M. ~ Yes you see ice but the air is warm
which hastens the demise of Ol' Man Winter
and his Trojan warriors of 2 long icy months!

Photographers get up early!
You people know who you are.

If I had a camera I would be snapping pictures too.
So instead I sniff and sniff 
usually discovering something choice!

The sunrise accents my blond fringe quite well this morning.
I must say I love a good haircut!

Heading back to the car along the trail
passed the still frozen bog
I discover another sweet sniffing morsel.
Aaahhhhh, Heaven as usual!!

We Three Amigoes 
do enjoy our early morning 
wake-me-up strolls!