Monday, May 16, 2016


As I sauntered the beach today

 I thought I'd give you a taste of my weekend discoveries

last year's dried up wildflowers were not about to give up their hold
on the landscape

neither were the cranberries that survived the winter onslaught

 however hope springs eternal 
as the wild strawberries pepper the trails 
along my beach walk

back home in my garden 
the sun kisses
the rose coloured epimediums 

and white variety as well

my star magnolia is so soft and warm 
nestled in the corner of the garden

and the occasional raindrops 
hang onto the berry bushes

while late evenings beachcombers discover 
their long awaited joys 
in the sands and waters

I take my place with Miss Pinkie
on the sofa that I call my own
bid you all 
a good night!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


we headed off down one of the other Gaspereau valley roads and ~~~

ended up here on a huge farm called 

As you can see below there are many sheep ready to be sheered 


 these 2 cute black lambs
huddling together 
as we poked our noses around the corner
of the entrance.
I think they are used to nosy photographers and Doodles!

The piece de resistance was the humongous wool shop
across the yard from the sheep.
Jim marched right in and headed over to the displays
to check out the offerings and to take pictures.
Surprise surprise!

Just look at the colours and offerings of merino wools.

more to touch and hold 
and to decide whether to go with heather colours
or pales or ~~~~

however by this time Jim's eye spied this
unbelievable Icelandic Sheepskin pelt
for a mere $300!!

mighty soft isn't it Jim!!

As we ventured from the farm and onto the road
this horse was giving us the eye,
but late afternoon was reminding us 
it was time to head back home ~ ~

so with that all under my belt 
to walking the Gaspereau Canal
to swimming in the canal
to driving down the country roads
to discovering sheep and lambs
to touching so much wool
I can honestly say that my world is complete
with love and peace.

As always my friends,

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I heard Ron saying one day:
that leaving the Valley as many people have done over the years
to find fame and fortune or whatever makes them feel whole inside
 always triggers the need to return
He is able to easily because
he only lives an hour away.
This view means
"I am back home!"
I always hear him say.

Ron's GF, GM and mother, Tommy are laid to rest in Willowbank Cemetery.
We always drop in to feel the calmness, serenity and to pay our respects
to these people
(even if I never met them).
I know their lives intertwined with so many others laid to rest here.
Ron always seems so focused and at peace
when he wanders around the grave stone
and looking for other relatives
that he knew over the years.
Take all the time you need Ron.

My 1st visit to the canal this year was a welcomed sight
since I sprained my paw recently and we all know swimming is better for rehabilitation than anything else.

 Short swims fetching Mr. Orangie
is all I need to strengthen my paw ~
 from what I can see it is working.

Heading back to the car
energy reduced
at ease 
at peace
I saw ~~

dandelions covered in bees
new sprouts on shrubs along the water's edge
last year's rosehips ( I eat these you now)
and a wee nest that had survived our winter

Spring has swathed it's gentle warmth across our lives
and before you know it these trees will be all in leaf
and the colours will change again.

Come back again to see the cutest ever
wee little black lamb we visited down the road from here.........

See you soon!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Hola!Ciao!Hello! Kia Ora!
Our Peace and Joy 
are always reconfirmed 
when we visit 
Martinique Beach

This day was by chance!
We discovered the sunshine
the tempered breezes
the long beach
the shells
the expectant sea glass
the joy of my "SOPHIEDOODLE DADS"
as we ventured down the expanse.

The waves were so perfect
so long
so relentless with their spin-drift

from so many angles
the waves slowly grew and the winds
seized the spray
holding it
relinquishing it's hold
as it trailed down the beach

the sea gulls hovered the freshly deposited seaweed and kelp

while I lay sprawled in ecstasy
in the chocolate brown
camouflage mass

even though we didn't stay into the evening
I dreamed of the waves
as I thought they would be like
as the moonlight
captured the energy
of this space on the planet we love so much!

Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

FOG ALARM ¸¸.•*¨*•

The fog has settled in
so come along
why don't you ~

ambling along my favourite paths
in my favourite park ~

with my 2 favourite guys
and their trusty cameras ~ 

sometimes can be dark and foreboding ~

but once we spend an hour 
walking the paths
we sometimes head for the streets ~~

where the colours are brighter and seem to pop ~

always paying attention to rules of the road
even if the fog horn
sounds in the background!!

and one last photo capture
of a cyclist waiting for a light change
in the fog (by Jim)!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Our crocus have burst forth as the days get warmer
and sun spends more time thawing the garden.
This is our favourite time of the year

I will sit on guard because I know my duty
after nine years of roaming my garden.
(I apologize for the occasional blurriness!)

From blurriness comes a work of art!
Perhaps the beginnings of
a new rug
a watercolour
an oil painting
whatever the imagination conjures!
You decide!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Welcome my dearies!
I lay high above the waters
staring down at the sights below ~~

just across from me is Conrad's Beach
with a few lucky people taking a walk ~~

over the edge of the slope 
you'll see a surfer finished for the day

climbing methodically and deliberately up the slope

but alas while they partake in their rituals
I partake in my DOODLE RITUALS
as I "shake above the ocean"
with my feet in the air!

(creative licence is in full DOODLE swing here ~ enjoy!)