Tuesday, July 4, 2017


whether on the beach at low tide

or strolling along a new section of the Atlantic View Trail

or gathering debris from the beaches

or bundling up to capture nature's roar 
of waves 
at Martinique Beach

or sifting through the heathers at Point Pleasant Park

or slipping across the parking lot 
to capture the egret that 
took up residence in our area this spring

to checking out the garden before the greenery
multiplies like mad
(as it it did this year)

to an end of the evening stroll in the mist

to assisting Jim with some photos 
as the sun was setting on the hill

I wish Daddy Jim the 
Happiest of Birthdays.
He has been so kind to me 
may I add to anyone who crosses his path.
You are the best Doggy Daddy around
I couldn't imagine anything better 
than your soft touch and big smile.

So without further ado ~~
presents need to be opened.


  1. Wow! Happy birthday to Jim. He looks great for 101!!!

    1. Psst!! Mitchell, me thinks you are a tad confused here!! lol I am 'Little Jimmie'....not to be confused with 'Big Jimmie' who just happens to be 101!!
      Thanks for your wishes.

    2. Little Jimmie is full of Bulls@%t too ~ LOL

  2. Happy Birthday to your Daddy Jim, Sophie! I hope he has a sensational day!

    1. The sun is shining
      and I had a huge brekkie
      and I am staring Daddy Jim down
      to take me to the beach!!

  3. Jim,Many Happy Birthday Wishes to you for your One Hundred and eleventy twelth birthday!!! Hope that adds up to the right number of days you celebrate in the perfect way. Lovely blues , greens , golds and greys and all other colours to give you a colourful day ...XXX from NZ.

    1. You is talkin' my Doodle Language, Jean.

      Daddio is just grovin' along.
      That should assist in figuring out how ancient he is.


  4. Happy Birthday, Daddy Jim! Treat him extra special today, Ron and Sophie!

  5. Awww - what a sweet tribute to the best dad in the world!

  6. What a loving tribute to Daddy Jim ~ He is one special guy, and I am so happy that Daddy Ron and he found each other and continue to enjoy life together. As for you, Ms SD ~ You are one lucky gal to have two wonderful and caring dads! I was at a BBQ a couple of days ago. Our friends have two dogs, one of which was a big, black, twelve-year-old labradoodle named Bogie. He had me thinking a lot of you that afternoon. Sending everyone love and hugs, and a specially belly scratch for you!

    1. ~~ tumble tumble ~ roll ~ and ~ licks ~~

      this is what you do to me LouLouDoodle ~ EVERY TIME

  7. Happy Birthday to Daddy Jim! He is the coolest all around! I hope you've all been enjoying a great day.

    1. Oh yes Marfa ~ after a Birthday brekkie with prezzies,
      I took Birthday Boy for an Atlantic View Trail walk,
      then off to an Acadian Cafe for lobster roll and fish cakes and beans and desserts
      then a relaxing afternoon plus dinner at a Diner
      It was the best day.

  8. Hope it was a marvellous day !

    Perhaps one day we'll actually meet when I drop into Macdonald House. I always seem to miss you.

    Woofs to Sophie from Wendy and Sooki.


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