Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 Seriously getting out on the road
really opens your eyes 
to new and fresh
so put on your caps
allow me ~~

in the middle of the province
on roads just off the main drag of everyday life 
I found these homes, abodes and four legged creatures

old weathered barn wood
in many forms 
from actual buildings to farm carts 

to seeing the age and weather worn stories behind these beauties

sensing the speed of the moment 
in this moment of calm

wondering who built this building 
fitting perfectly into the setting

remembering the adage
that when cows lay down
that the weather will become rainy or at least cloudy

 half way there to either rain or sun

horses many of them feeding in delight
transfixed on this moment

a quick dash across the road in front of us
'a deer' 

'going down the road'
as literal as 
can be expected

I include this 2011 trailer of a sequel to the original 1970 movie
called "Going Down The Road"
thanks for indulging my trip today
Cheers as always.