Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This is my view today
high up
Hawkin's Hill
looking over Lawrencetown Beach

The climb begins and with precision
I sniff every track
every piece of grass

work my way passed last years cattails
sticking up so stiff
managing to survive another one of our winters.

The incline is immediately evident
so we veer off at the 1st path
instead of taking the sharp inclined path
which I used to fly up
a few years ago.

Up on top of the hill
tucked away
erected by one or more loved ones
a statue for Katie.
I sniff
I approve
I continue on.

Heading back
along the ridge Porter's Lake looms to my right.
A slight melting of ice
gives me hope for an early spring.

On the return trek we reach the top of the incline
I spoke of above.
I see my car parked along Hwy #207
knowing that everything
has been
worth every sniff
every crunching step through snow
I "just can't get enough"
of my world
no matter what the season has to offer.